Friday, September 26, 2014

Flashback Friday Caricatures!

 These caricatures are typical of my work...... TEN YEARS AGO! 
I don't use Sharpies, Markettes, the lecturers-chalk-and-glove technique or 8.5" x 11" paper anymore. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Carnival-themed corporate fun day...featuring caricatures, of course

I love mid-week, daytime I can occasionally feel that workforce vibe, which is what most people (not caricature artists ;-) are used to! Feels great to provide a fun respite for employees/guests. My caricatures were one of the attractions, along with fresh-spun cotton candy, popcorn and a photobooth.
Thank you for having me!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

T-shirt party favors for a Bat Mitzvah celebration!

The paper got ditched---for fabric---at last Saturday's gig, a Bat Mitzvah luncheon in a scrumptiously-smelling restaurant... 
Out went my easel and in came the palette board (to give me something firm to lean on), the binder clips, (to secure the shirt) and of course, big juicy fabric markers. Even allowing for that little bit of extra prep time in between each shirt (as opposed to pulling out a sheet of paper and presto, ready to go) I was about to draw twenty girls in two hours. :-)
Here's a few samples! The Bat Mitzvah girl got an extra pop of red on hers. 
They were selfie-ing away!
They told me they would all wear their shirts to school that Monday! What a kick! :-)
Thank you for having me! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mellow meadow wedding!

Last Saturday, my second event (here's a link to the first with its last-minute hiccup) was an absolutely marvelous and memorable wedding reception, held on the lawn of the bride's childhood home. When I say lawn, I mean beautiful vista, high on a hill, overlooking a meadow where the couple had married earlier that day...which my easel was facing. :-)
The festivities were in an elegant tent...
and again, I had a quaint sign advertising what I'd be doing...
The guests arrived and my pen started to fly!
Nice reactions from this trio!
The bride and groom arrived to cheers and smiles:
They sat for me after making their rounds:
After I'd finished, it was a pleasure to enjoy a lovely meal on environmentally-friendly dinnerware,
check out the other fun activities they'd provided,
and listen to the live bluegrass band!
They were fantastic!!!!
A summer storm passed through but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits! 
Thank you so much for having my caricatures be part of your beautiful day, Andrea and John!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Community Day Caricatures!

Had a bright sunny Saturday morning gig last weekend, at a community day event in a cute little small town...
My spot was in front of the borough hall, near the coolest version of a mechanical bull I ever saw!
But I didn't get to see anyone on it, because my chairs were filled every minute of the two hours spent drawing there. :-)
Caricature reaction ahead!!
He was surprised!

When I tried to leave to get to my next gig, (a wedding reception that was pretty far away)  I was the one who was in for a surprise:
My car was blocked in by an ambulance and a police car! Both of which were unoccupied but had engines running. There was absolutely no way I could squeeze out of there. In looking around to see where they'd gone, I figured...this is a medical emergency...not the time to whine over my needs. I got out the next client's phone number and started to text her I might be late, when someone came and backed up the ambulance a few feet...which solved my problem. And happily, the medical emergency was a minor one. Yay!! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Labor Day O's caricatures...

On Labor Day 2014, Baltimore baseball fans converged on Camden Yards for an Orioles game...and a few caricatures:
These two were newlyweds, (seriously, their marriage was in its 3rd DAY) so I drew her in her wedding dress and veil. When I asked her to describe it, I knew before she opened her mouth it would be a sweetheart neckline. ;-)
This lady proudly told me why her eyes were two different was a corneal transplant and it affected the color! She was a cancer survivor too. So happy to see folks like her enjoying life!
I thought these two teenagers might have been brother and sister, so I DIDN'T draw any hearts. They were with her parents, who'd said, "Hey can you draw these two kids?" which for some reason shut down my couple-radar. Turned out they WERE boyfriend and girlfriend!
"Draw me batting..."
A couple more---wow, when I saw these two photos together (the batters above and below) I was somewhat surprised at how consistent the bodies are. That's not necessarily a good thing. Could be a rut I need to work on.....although, people like the results. Often, I will get a whole bunch of the same pose in a row as people see...and want... 'one just like that.'
Those are my caricature cohorts Gary and Rick enjoying the shade before the sun began blazing down on Eutaw Street. Gary got some publicity, he was asked to draw the day's giveaway (a Bobblehead of one of the players) and be filmed doing so for one of the news crews. 
No one draws the Oriole Bird with Gary's skill and ease!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

An exuberant wedding full of fun and laughter...and caricatures!

I never get tired of drawing at weddings, each couple's vibe really comes through in the unique combination of venue, style, and atmosphere. You could see the love and fun just oozing out of this gorgeous pair!
The reception was held in a favorite locale of mine, a restaurant in Chinatown. Yes, I made it up this stairway with my gear. I wanted to DRAW! 
At the top of the staircase, a lovely blush-pink-and-creme-decorated ballroom awaited. The bride and groom greeted their guests in front of a monogramed backdrop. 
There was even a charming little sign for me!
My first sitters were the kids:
And then came the BIG kids: 
 They asked if I would draw the baby. Of course, I said! ;-)
I had a really good view when the new Mr. and Mrs. made a grand entrance:
This little photo-booth innovation was adorable! It had the wedding's hashtag on it so guests could share pics on Instagram. 
Afterwards, I headed to the restaurant next door to take home some of their specialty: Peking Duck, for the Other Half and I to enjoy for a late-night treat. It was awesome. 
Thanks for having my caricatures as part of your big day, Mr and Mrs Au! :-)