Tuesday, February 25, 2020

65th Birthday Party Caricatures!

I couldn't believe this lovely lady is 65! She danced the night away on tiny feet...but her party was beach-themed so I drew her in a yellow-polka-dot bikini. 
Here are a few of her guests ( and caricature reactions!)

Here is my client and her hubby...thank you for having me and for the great feedback on TheBash/Gigmasters!

Monday, February 10, 2020

'Daddy/Daughter Dance' Caricatures!

This was my first time doing this type of gig...in fact, I expected it to be teenagers walking in with with their dads; but it was little girls all dressed up with their proud daddies and grandpops! This event is so popular there is even a waiting list!
This event utilized the skills of EIGHT caricature artists, so we were able to do 100+ drawings in total! I was Caricaturist B, appropriately!
We were asked by the client to use a sign-up sheet, which usually I don't encourage, as they seem to make things way more complicated than efficient---there was music, of course, so I couldn't call out names at all.  Luckily, most of the dads on the list showed up when they were supposed to! 

Here's a few more of mine. 

After the event, five of the artists were able to go out and get some pizza, and catch up: from left, Miriam Pryor, Mike Garibay, Anthe, Sally C, and moi :-)

Friday, January 24, 2020

RIP Terry Jones...

He (and his fellow Pythons) have given me plenty of joy and laughter in my life. Especially Prince Herbert, Arthur Two-Sheds Jackson, Mr. Creosote, the Bishop and the mum whose husband sang 'Every Sperm is Sacred'... in fact, he was THE best Python in drag, bar none. 

AND he directed some of the best comedies ever made (Monty Python's Life of Brian and Holy Grail) along with lots of other endeavors...his genius won't be forgotten. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Penn State Brandywine...caricatures!

Penn State's campus in Delaware County, PA had a student-morale-booster day recently, and my caricatures were a part of it.  In a sunlit seating area, two other caricaturists and I drew students who were so happy to get one; look how happy THIS guy is!!!
It was a special day for me too, as I was reunited with a friend and mentor, Sally, who was actually the very first caricature artist I ever saw in action, at an art festival back in the late 90's. I told her that day I was going to learn how to do caricatures....
and I DID!!
The memo for lady caricaturists of a certain age: both of us are glasses-wearing, palette-pinned (mine is on my coat) and hatted. :-)
Below, a student who was drawn by both of us. 
Without her inspiration way back then, maybe I wouldn't be blogging this right now (she told me I should get back to blogging!) So. THANK YOU, SALLY (again!!) 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

An exuberant 70th Birthday party...with my caricatures!

 This lady came in DANCING, to her surprise 70th birthday party, which was masterminded by her party-planner granddaughter. I actually drew her caricature (her body, anyway) from one of the photos I took when she came in!  (Had a good seat!)
And I was right there across from the door:
I couldn't BELIEVE she was 70.
So here is a close up of the caricature...and below is her reaction when her granddaughter showed her, on the dance floor, of course!
Here are some of the guests' caricatures:

It went so well I was asked to stay an extra half hour, thank you, Brielle!

This was the 2nd gig of 2020, but the first to use my brand-new rubber stamp on my papers. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Starting 2020 with a caricature gig--an 80th birthday celebration!

This gentleman had family come from all parts of the country, to help celebrate his 80th birthday on New Year's Day 2020! 
It was held at the beautiful DuPont Country Club near Wilmington, Delaware on a crisp winter's day, the Christmas tree still up in the dining room.
I drew singles, couples and family groups, and kept busy for four hours!

My client, the birthday gentleman's daughter, found me on Gigmasters which is now known as TheBash.com. She was kind enough to leave me a wonderful review, the day after! Thank you Liz!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas Day Caricatures at the Sixers game!

There hasn't been a Sixers home game on Christmas Day for 31 years...til this year! They went all out for the fans, lots of extra-fun stuff including my caricatures!
The halls were decked...
the signs were up:
and my markers were busy!
The two couples I photographed had special reasons for a caricature!

On the left, visitors from New Zealand who got engaged on their trip here (not at the game though)
and on the right, a couple who recently moved here and decided a Christmas Day outing to the game would be fun!

I got just a GLIMPSE of Santa as he was rushed by:
...and I posed next to some balloons before heading out to my own Christmas dinner with family. What a great Dec 25 this year!
Thanks to all my caricature and silhouette clients for making 2019 such a memorable year!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Corporate Holiday Party...caricatures in a bowling alley

Not just ANY bowling alley, but one that's an awesomely renovated party space in a former tomato-sauce packaging factory! I've done quite a few gigs here now and every one is super-fun! Here's my spot...
and here's the view behind me, with my fellow caricaturist Julie B at work with her sitters...
This couple won (in my book) for best dressed!!
Here's a few more.

Happy Holidays and thanks for having me!