Sunday, November 23, 2014

ISCA convention 2014 in Reno, Nevada

ISCA stands for International Society of Caricature Artists, and the 2014 annual convention (held in Reno, Nevada) has just wrapped up. Artists like me are heading home with inspiration filled to the brim, and some sadness that it's over! A long blog post from me all about it is coming (ditto on a post about my caricaturing fun in Texas this year ;-) but for now you can use the hashtag "iscacon2014" on various social media to see amazing caricature art-----and various caricaturist shenanigans.
Here is a look at my wall for now. 
Thank you to the ISCA board and EVERYONE who had a hand in organizing such a wonderful event! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whiskey in the jar....or airbrush paint.

The Maryland Irish Festival is always a merry sea o' green, and I shared a spot with my friend, artist-photographer Patrick Harnett. Check out HIS Facebook page for his 'Ireland the Olde Country' photographs---which are more like paintings. He has A LOT of fans!
Speaking of painting, I brought the hard-working Iwata Eclipse with me and airbrushed plenty of folks with their alcoholic treats... along with shamrocks....and little Irish dancers. 
I even drew an engagement caricature! It wasn't THE actual engagement, it was a 'we want THIS instead of a formal engagement photo'! WOW! ;-D
Had to laugh at THAT t-shirt!!
My Other Half showed up unexpectedly again. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

DrawInn Vlagtwedde 2014----in the Netherlands

No sooner did I return home from my month in Texas, drawing caricatures at their State Fair, (which I still haven't blogged about!) than I was setting off for Europe (!!!) to attend a caricature-artist mini-convention, called DrawInn Vlagtwedde. Held in the northern part of the Netherlands, for twenty-seven artists from nine countries, the venue was the lovely home of my friends Johanna and Johannes...
The great room of their house, originally the attached barn, was instead an artists's studio for most of the week: 
Well, actually it's always Johanna's studio. She's a sculptor of the highest caliber. So, the creative vibe is ever-present. 
The event was also organized by Jan Op de Beeck, who's been a friend now for more than ten years, ever since meeting him at my first ISCA convention back in 2003. 
I was the only American in attendance. The local newspaper ran a story about the convention, featuring the hostess and her two most distant guests:
Jan asked me to do a slide presentation about my experiences with retail caricature in the US. That was one topic even a nervous public speaker like me could handle!
If you'd like to see many more photos:
This link goes to my album of general convention photos on my Caricatures by Emily FB page. 
What a wonderful experience! I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I went, and am extremely grateful to the organizers (who are very dear to me). :-)