Saturday, May 28, 2016

Holiday Party #5 0f 2015

A Mardi-Gras themed holiday party in a posh country club...I was in a "caricature-reaction-photo" mood that night! 
Spot the easel!
I wore my new wedding jewelry for the first time since our wedding. :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holiday Party #3 of 2015

A perennial favorite of my year, (it's actually the longest-running annual gig I have)  this holiday party for kids is always a blast, because I draw alongside some other caricaturists who are a hoot to work with:
Can you tell?  Check out:  John Sprague  Joe White and Patrick Harrington.

The folks line up for us long before we even get started. 

I'll leave you with one of my next-door artist,  Pat's bust-a-gut-laughing caricatures. Ha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holiday Party #2 of 2015

My easel and I get to see some nifty venues. This one was a rather well-known barbecue restaurant, heavy on the meat-themed decor:
You can see a better view of the fun (and educational) wallpaper behind me here. These are a few of my caricatures drawn that evening, amidst the pervading aroma of barbecue...
He had one of the best mustaches I'd seen, EVER!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

First gig post-my-own-wedding!

For my first post-wedding-post-honeymoon gig, I returned to a fabulous venue and a repeat client, who came to me last year also, through It was a holiday party for a large group of happy realtors who were celebrating a good year.

When I say post-wedding, I mean, I STILL HAD ON FANCY ACRYLIC NAILS...which was a first for me (ever!) doing a gig with them was a new I WON'T repeat. ;-)
They SEVERELY hampered my ability to even just pick up my Prismacolor Artstix. 
Above: pre-gig hands, and below: the nails stayed pretty pristine, but my fingertips look how they always look after caricaturing madly for a few hours. The black ink spots are from repeatedly opening and then capping my Copic Sketchmarkers. Which is why I never get manicures---I went and had them removed pronto the next morning.
I can live without fancy nails for the sake of my skills! :-)
 The band was rocking when I sat down at my easel and started pumping them out! Since most folks were dancing, we had a table to my left, for piles of caricatures...
Some photos of the fun:
Reactions are just priceless!
This guy looks like V.I.Lenin, and I told him that (again)!
Group caricatures are challenging, but I was super happy with this one!

Afterwards, my brand new husband picked me up from this gig and took me out for a drink--a fabulous cucumber-pomegranate mojito! It was my back-to-giggging, last-hurrah-for-the-fake-nails celebration.

Friday, May 6, 2016

This Artist Finally Got Married...and yes, there were caricatures (and caricaturists!) at our wedding

My Other Half and I finally did it in 2015! 
We had a sunset wedding ceremony in November, in Valley of Fire State Park---which is about an hour northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining us was a small group of friends and family. It was absolutely beyond beautiful. 
We highly recommend Scenic Las Vegas Weddings. :-)
After the ceremony, we had our wedding dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, which is directly across from the fountains at the Bellagio; we had a lovely view of them! 
Then we had a cozy reception in our hotel suite, which overlooked the famous Las Vegas Strip, and which is where the caricatures came in...
Four dear friends gifted us with various art forms:
My matron of honor, Celestia Ward, not only baked and decorated that fabulous cake, (it was a scrumptious vegan pineapple-upside-down cake, with bordeaux-maraschino-cherry layers) but she sculpted the witty little cake topper of us as well!!!! I can't thank her enough for all she did in helping us pull off our wedding. 
Another dear, dear friend and Master Caricaturist, Jan Opdebeeck, painted this fantastic digital caricature of us, which he sent to Celestia, who printed and framed it. The calligraphy on the mat was done by another delightful friend, Jeff Redford....I was so floored by all this! Then I cried!!!! (with happiness, that is!!! ;-)
Sooooooo us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Jan and Jeff!!
We had all our guests sign it (and now it hangs in our bedroom.)
Celestia started it off the signatures, as was fitting, because she coordinated it.
Here's Marlo and her husband Nick doing the honors, in her dress and his tie adorned with Emily-and-John-faces (!!!!!!!) that Marlo made just for our wedding! 
Marlo was responsible for making me look the best I've ever looked in my life...she did my wedding makeup. (My hair was done by a gal in Shag Me Salon, home of great retro hairstyles. Dress was from Trashy Diva and my freshwater pearl jewelry was handcrafted by another artisan I've met through my work, Johnis at Lucky Find OCNJ).
I have such amazingly skilled friends. Just amazing. :-)

Our wedding favors for our guests were more little pieces of art. Celestia hooked me up with a local artisan, Beth Bishop, who handcrafts all sorts of interesting pottery.  I bought sake cups for everyone, since we planned for a sake toast instead of champagne. Then I folded up little gift bags (thank you, Pinterest!) tied with a tag featuring my pencil drawing of the bride and groom's eyes. ;-)
The last thing we did on our wedding day (it was almost midnight by then) was walk from Mandalay Bay to the Las Vegas sign for the obligatory photo. In sneakers, I might add!
On the first day of our marriage, we caught the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show
So perfectly fitting for us Beatlemaniacs!
Our honeymoon was a quick jaunt through some perfectly astounding natural wonders: Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and finally, the Grand Canyon. Couldn't take too much time, because our whole wedding and honeymoon trip had to fit in with my gig calendar!!!
Yes, it was cold.

A  long time coming, but this new husband and wife are very happy. :-)
Now back to caricaturing!