Sunday, October 30, 2016

Company morale-booster caricatures

This gig was unusual in that my caricatures weren't for everybody there---only the winning team, competing in a game-show-style trivia contest which I got there in time to enjoy! And since it was a small group, they all got deluxe 'color with theme' caricatures. Dogs were the popular theme.

No one had EVER asked to be depicted as Sponge Bob weight-lifting marshmallows before that day.
Tee hee!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Caricatures at an Artist-themed Bat Mitzvah!

On a delightful, crisp, autumn day, I made my way to a young lady's Bat Mitzvah celebration...its theme was one close to my heart:
ART! So what better entertainment could there be than an artist drawing right in front of the guests?
The guest of honor even made a sign for me! (shown just above)
Here she is with me...and her caricature. :-) Two artists. 
Due to a large giggling group of girls waiting for THEIR caricature, I didn't really have time to take photos..but I did get this one of my very last sitters---the grandparents!
Thanks to Bess and her parents for having me! :-) 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Campground caricatures!

Every year I do an Memorial Day event at a busy local campground for Entertaining ConXections. It's a blast and I love going there! Family fun--but I don't get many pics! Here's the only two I have from this one.

My final State Fair of Texas....2016

My years of airbrush caricaturing at the State Fair of Texas came to an end, at the close of the Fair in 2016...but what a great experience, one which I will NEVER forget!! Over a span of nine years, I've lived in Texas for almost eight months...longer than any other state except PA. I guess that makes me an "honorary Texan". October won't be the same for me this year, being at home! But my shoulder will definitely thank me for not putting it through another 24-day airbrushing marathon. 
So without further ado, I will share some of my favorite caricature reactions from SFT 2016. 

These folks and their little baby-to-be were my first subjects on the first day. 

Older brother, younger brother. 

His nose was fun to draw.

HAD to include his prize for his lady!!!

Another big bushy beard!

I thought these two resembled famous faces from 150 years apart: Prince Edward Duke of Clarence, and Cara Deleveigne. 

It's hard to have favorites when you caricature so many people, they all have somethng that makes them fun to draw...but these two REALLY made me happy.

And yet ANOTHER big guy with a beard and big chains!  I used my gold marker a lot for this one!

Finally, one that the couple art-directed themselves. I was mad (later, when I saw the photo) that I forgot to add the molding on the Gothic window between them. Oh well, they liked it. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Chasing Destiny" ladies day..with some caricatures for fun!

My caricatures and I were invited to be a part of "Chasing Destiny", a church-based program for ladies to have a pleasant brunch and then a seminar to talk about...lady issues. I learned a few things!
There were two lady doctors in attendance who spoke about medical issues women face... I caricatured them first!

Then I got busy on the attendees. At first I was upstairs during the brunch, but then I came downstairs and drew in the great hall while the speakers entranced the audience...

Thank you so much for having me, and I am glad you ladies enjoyed my work!

SFT 2016....Baby Caricatures

I'm still learning how caricature babies well...this year's results were encouraging ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Art of the Bark fundraiser caricatures

Yes, dogs CAN be caricatured!

I spent a beautiful spring evening in May drawing in the Brandywine River Museum, during the annual fundraiser for Canine Partners for Life. They train service dogs who help those with disabilities to have a fuller life than they otherwise would have. I had no idea that dogs can alert their owners to oncoming seizures!

Woof! and thank you!

SFT 2016 Airbrush Caricature Sample...

My very first sample at my first State Fair of TX was Brangelina. And my final one turned out to be them, too! Not planned, just worked out that way!! ( My colleagues did the political candidates, so I went for the celebrity angle.)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Caricatures with a French flair

An illustrious country club venue was decked out in French flags and this artiste for a formal dinner-dance for a group of medical professionals.  Thanks to love wearing my beret (and polka dots!)
I was seated near the cafe!
Backgrounds of red and blue, of course. Everyone got an Eiffel Tower on their caricature, too.
Merci beaucoup, mes amies!

SFT 2016 Family Caricatures!

Family groups!
Didn't get a photo of the little expanding family below, just their caricature...she was expecting twins! See what I did there??