Monday, April 30, 2012

Backyard 45th birthday party

Yesterday, my easel was the centerpiece on a backyard patio (that was usually the spot for a fire pit :-). The occasion was a 45th birthday party with lots of happy family and friends attending. Here are a bunch of guests that I drew:

Here's where I did my stuff:
And here's the party's other entertainer doing her stuff:

The client found us both on Gigmasters. :-)
Thank you for having me---You know I had as much fun as you all did!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Communion party in a silo...

Yesterday's event was a 1st Communion party for a very pleasant little boy, held in a banquet hall built onto a picturesque old farm silo. That's where my ease took pride of place:
This was the view above my sitters and I!
You can even see the reflection of my easel on the glass ceiling...
The guest of honor had some really good questions about my craft...after asking "are you a professional at this?" :-)
This was another party where, after the kids were all drawn, the adults wanted in on the fun, so my time was extended. Thank you! And thanks to Jane, of Fabulous Faces Face Painting, for pulling this together. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bangkok marker aisle

While I was visiting Bangkok recently, of course we went shopping and  of course I found myself in the art supply section of a department store:
Wow!! This is complete heaven to peruse!
Here's what I bought, I wish I'd bought more:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Noo Yawk post-prom

Well, it wasn't actually IN New York, just NY-themed. The  caricaturists were---where else?---in Coney Island:
It was a marathon 4+ hours gig, so here we go:

I drew alongside another friend I have known for awhile, but just never had the chance to work with, Gene Mater:
 He kept up a steady stream of conversation while he drew. 
And Donna Needs plied her pens on the other side of the room. Needless to say, LOTand LOTS of high-schoolers left happily at 4 am with their caricatures. Mission accomplished. :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime in an assisted living residence

Today's afternoon event had a very Parisienne ambiance...I had on my beret, and so did everyone else!!!! Nobody was smoking Gauloises, though...

Below: This gentlemen had such a great smile, luckily I drew that first! His family loved that I included his waistband. :-)
Some of my surroundings:

My client (a true Francophile) shared many items from her own collection, and also had on hand a mime, a chocolate fountain, French music and pastries, and a visit from Marie Antoinette herself ( you can just make her out in the photo below). Whereas I had my French easel, of course! Thank you for having me, I love drawing seniors. :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grand Opening...

Yesterday, I helped a healthcare-business-training college celebrate the opening of a new campus---with caricatures!! And I had the pleasure of working with a friend I had never done a gig with before---Alex Clare.
Here's a few of mine:
and a reaction:
Alex's work was fluid, funny and even quicker than mine, as he didn't shade with Prismacolor stix--it takes real ability with linework and likenesses not to need to do that:
Done for the day! Now we're off to go have something to eat and talk shop!
Thanks again to About Faces Entertainers for another gig!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First post-prom gig of 2012

Late on Saturday night (after catching a catnap post-daytime-golf-event) the ol' easel and pen-grippin' fingers found themselves in the front hallway of a high school caught in a TIME WARP!! but not the Rocky Horror kind ;-(
I draw at this school's post-junior-prom every spring, and they always have cool themes. Here are a few pics I took of the decor before the prom-goers arrived:
 The 00's Project Runway...
 90's hip-hop...
 Prehistoric Land of the Lost!!!
50's beatnik.
Actually, the 50's had a double dose, as my easel was situated in a 1950's diner area:
I couldn't find my pen cup that usually gets clipped to my easel drawer, so I had to improvise; luckily, something suitable was right nearby!
What about the caricatures??? Well, as usual, there was a line right away and here are a few of the faces that resulted:

Thanks for having me, GV! I definitely slept in the next morning. :-)