Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Star Trek Silhouettes---in VEGAS!!!!

was at the official 2016 Star Trek convention held at the Rio in Las Vegas!!!
Every day for five days in a row, my fingers kept busy doing a four-hour morning or afternoon shift, cutting live silhouettes for the enjoyment of Trekkie convention-goers. Other artists nearby included my friend Celestia Ward, doing digital caricatures, Roger the Balloon Wizard, a lady face painter, henna artists...all sorts of neat stuff---themed to the science fiction show we all love. 
I designed a background for my silhouettes which incorporated various elements from  Star Trek: The Original Series, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. They could choose from Command Gold, Science Blue, or Certain-Death-Red. ;-)
Folks were adding them to their binders along with their precious actor autographs and photo ops:
Here you can see me cutting out this fearsome Gorn!!!
(By the way, I crafted my own skirt out of Star Trek Tiki fabric designed by my friend Lar de Souza, which you can buy at that link.  He's an amazing artist who should have been there too---lots of artists seem to be major Trekkies. TOS was definitely my favorite show when I was a kid/young teen.)

Look at all the variety here!!!

My scissors got a workout. I was using small Martha Stewart ones, after this event I decided to splurge on some bigger, German surgical steel ones which I use now.
So what else went on there, you ask?
Let me show you!!
Cosplay on a grand scale:

I don't know how Heisenberg got in there...

When I wasn't working, I was having FUN!
Saw Captain Kirk!!
I got to meet the OTHER John Byrne ;-)
Saw lots of TNG folk...and UHURA!!!!!
This is Roger and his wonderful balloon Enterprise!!
This is Celestia with her incredibly-in-demand digital caricatures:
Many thanks to her for sharing my skills with the convention organizers, which led to them booking me and my silhouettes. :-)

 Mr Spock says we were FASCINATING!!!

Friday, March 3, 2017

National Night Out Caricatures--- in a far away locale....

My next gig required a ride on an airplane.
This artist decided to start a new venture in her career, in Las Vegas, of all places, but that will be the subject of the next blog post.  ;-)
The night before that,  though, I did a outdoor caricature gig, alongside my dear colleague, the summer....near LAS VEGAS...HOT HOT HOTTTTT....and I survived!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Campground Caricatures!

How about a gig in THIS tranquil locale? Beautiful, isn't it?
However, my gig wasn't on the river bank, but in the campground's air-conditioned clubhouse overlooking the pool:
...and it's one I enjoy doing every year through Entertaining ConXections---and the caricature-loving campground owners (who have their own drawings framed and hanging up in the concessions area:)
Here's a few of the faces from near and far who come to this idyllic peaceful place. :-)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pokemon Birthday Party Caricatures

Check out this backyard: this is a lucky boy with a summer birthday and a mom who's into incredibly fun parties!
She even provided custom paper for me to draw on! What a blast! She also bribed a tween girl to supervise the "pokemon card sign-up sheet" for my caricatures. 
Below: the birthday boy with Pikachu!
This was another huuuuge party with dozens of kids and activity, (water slide!!!!!!) so I kept busy drawing and not photographing. Couldn't resist getting a shot of this little one, though!
Thanks to! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Mousy First Birthday Party!

Mickey has long been a classic theme for little ones' 1st birthday parties...
There's the birthday boy in full color, with the Mouse himself.
He had so many little friends at his party that I couldn't take any photos, or I wouldn't have been able to draw them all in the time allotted (I drew Mickey, on every one too!)
So, at the end I was able to get this one pic of an adorable guest. :-)
Thank you for having me!!! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Community Day caricatures on the river!

Every summer, I do this's usually hot...but I love it and the people have greeeeat faces there!

Can you smell the pony manure behind my spot??? 

Below, early morning before the crowds arrive. You can see why it's one of my favorite easel and I are right on the Delaware River. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Team member Appreciation Caricatures

Weekday-workplace gigs are not as common for me as weekend-party ones, but they sure are a bright spot in the day for the employees! This was for the team at an assisted-living residence,  and lots of them were big fans of wine for some reason!
...and one was a Pokeball fan. :-)
Oh heck, here's ALL of the caricatures I drew that afternoon!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Anniversary party for senior citizens' residence!

This was a afternoon session where I drew in a welcoming foyer, (above) and later, an evening session in a ballroom. Yes , I know my arrow is pointing the wrong way. 
And do I love doing the character in older faces!

The evening session was Broadway-themed with a live band playing! How fun is that!

Here is their reaction! I love that you can see others' reactions too!
Here's one I saw on a table on my way out. This place is one of my favorite gigs. :-)