Monday, May 9, 2022

Wedding Reception Caricatures at an oft-visited venue

 I think this was the third  or fourth wedding I've done at The Manor House at Prophecy Creek over the years. And each time, I am amazed by a giant tree just outside the glass ballroom, and by how cool of a place it is. This gig came to me last minute, because one of the two artists booked for it, tested positive for Covid. So, the other artist, my friend Chris Snee of Bucks County Caricatures, asked me if I was available..and I was! 

Here's the wonderful bride and groom:

Here are some guests:

...and here's Chris and I, my setup, and the giant tree!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

All-night fund-raiser caricatures!

I did this school's event prior to the pandemic, so it was great to be back helping keep the high-schoolers awake and entertained while they raised money to fight pediatric cancer! Since there were hundreds of students, I did just line-drawing-only caricatures and got through about 60 faces in the three hours I was drawing. Thanks for having me, U-ville!


Those last three had me cracking up too. ;-D

Monday, May 2, 2022

Silhouettes at lovely backyard wedding...

 This was so sweet. They got married on their back porch! I had a front row seat, where I was set up to cut duplicate silhouettes--one for the guest and one for the bride and groom's guestbook!. 

Prior to the wedding, I cut this 8 x 10 bride-and-groom silhouette from their photos, so I could display it at the reception. Only I wasn't sure how the bride's hair would be I left the back of her head uncut. When I saw she had an elegant, long French braid, it was the only part I had to do before slipping it into a fancy frame! It elicited oohs and aaaahs from the guests, but the bride herself gave a delighted scream when she saw it! :-)

My setup in a delighfully whimsical backyard. More on that later.
First, some of my silhouettes!

I decided to try video-ing a little something different: a view of the finished guestbook!

And I managed to get a couple of time-lapses of my scissor-flashing hands!

Finally, a montage of some of the beautiful sights at this wedding. 

The bride's sister-in-law was instrumental in pulling it all together. Bravo and thank you for having me and my silhouettes be a part of it!

Friday, April 29, 2022

College cafeteria caricatures!

I shouldn't even call the dining center of this institution of higher learning "a cafeteria" is a more like a chic culinary cafe....and they were celebrating a lovely spring day, and 'no-food-waste day' with a DJ and my caricatures during one lunchtime this week:

All done with Copic-sketch markers, even the shading. Really liking this method. Gotta get more ink though!
Here was my setup, this was actually my second gig here, I did a fall event in the same spot in 2021.
Here's a few scenery pics:

Got a couple of video reactions! These really make my day~

Thanks for having me, Washington College in beautiful Chestertown! :-)

Monday, April 18, 2022

Easter caricatures!

On Saturday, I did another backyard Easter-egg-hunt family party, for a treasured client who keeps finding different events for me to do. :-) ( Her wedding, her family Easter parties, and coming up next, her company picnic this summer!)

Always a pleasure! Thank you for having me! See you in July!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Afternoon wedding caricatures...

 A regal, elegant green-and-gold-decorated hotel ballroom was the setting for my wedding caricatures (after a nice cocktail hour in the wide hallway), But we will start with the gorgeous BRIDE and GROOM:

Aren't they an adorable couple?

As for me, I started off in the hallway adjoining the ballroom for the cocktail hour..

Due to the very large numbers of guests, I used my line-drawing-only caricature style, so as to get more faces done. Aside from great faces, some of the ensembles people were wearing were amazingly beautiful!
Then I went into the ballroom and drew at a VERY fast pace, so there aren't many caricature photos. These are from the last half hour when things wound down a bit:

Thanks to The Bash for putting us together, and to the groom for being a great client! best wishes!

Monday, April 11, 2022

Post-prom caricatures---it's been a long time!

 I love doing these crazy, late-night, high-school-senior events (as long as they aren't too far from home, anymore.)

I did one or two of them during the pandemic, but they were watered-down, masked events and did not quite have the high spirits of prior such events (which made me feel sad for the classes of 2020 and 2021). THIS one was a return to normality---decorated school, fun theme (Casino night!) bouncy houses, food, karaoke (which I was right across from, yay!) and MY CARICATURES! :-)

This school had actually paid their deposit to me in early it took two years to get to the actual event!

Now for some caricatures of some VERY happy 'Class of 2022' kids:

Thanks for having me, NCS~

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Wedding Caricatures in a Beautiful Barn!

 Barns have been a theme in several of my recent gigs, haven't they?

This one was a late-afternoon wedding reception of two lovely people, in an elegant, wood-paneled, modern barn:

Here are my two caricature set-ups for the event:

Check out the bride and groom's entrance (and you can hear the excellent live band!):

The bride and groom also asked if I could draw them in a kind of "last supper" themed caricature with their parents and this is what I came up with:

The venue was especially scenic, a tree farm in central Delaware, "Loblolly Acres". The cocktail hour was held on the patio next to the main barn on the left, and the ceremony happened in the open building to the right. 

These folks were definitely up for being caricatured!
These two had a cute reaction:
Here is a time lapse taken by a guest: (thank youuuuuu!)
And here are two couples whose reactions I caught:

Here is what the bride had to say the next day:

Emily. Thank you so much. You were such entertainment and everyone absolutely loved you. You made the reception a hit. I also so appreciate the photos. They are beautiful and I love seeing the authentic laughs and smiles of our guests. 

That's what it's all about! Thank YOU for having me and keeping me on til the end of the reception. I truly do love what I do. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

Silhouettes at Boot Barn Grand Opening

This past weekend, my scissors and I did a two-day grand opening event at a store new to Delaware--Boot Barn. I designed a rope oval with the Boot Barn logo for the backing cards, and the customers were as pleased as punch to get their very own silhouettes cut, as part of the festivities. There was also live music and refreshments.  Fun days!

Here are some of the results of my snipping: this was the first day....

And these were from the second day: