Monday, March 18, 2019

Lemony-yellow Sweet 16 caricatures!

This sixteen-year-old was VERY happy with her caricature---especially as she didn't even have to get off the dance floor to pose for it. I just took a photo of her in her pretty lemon-yellow dress and drew it as the last of the evening. :-)
Her party was held in an amazing barn venue, I was in one of the lofts, along with the photobooth.
It It was a great vantage point when she blew out her candles:
So here are some of her friends and family:

The party hostess (mom) was kind enough to leave feedback for me on Gigsalad the very next day. Thank you so much!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Why Don't We do 12th birthday caricatures?

This young lady likes the boy band 'Why Don't We'! So I googled them and added them to her birthday caricature, along with her dogs---which made it a GROUP caricature! Then I was able to do a group caricature AND individual caricatures for all her friends. Yay tweenhood!
Thanks so much for having me! I was reliving my 12th birthday while I was drawing. :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Caricatures with Flo!

Well not actually with HER, but with a lot of the people whose insurance-industry jobs are flourishing because of her being a great mascot for their company! I drew at an employee-morale day at my local Flo-based office. ;-)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Corporate party caricatures with a touch (okay, more than a touch) of ORANGE!

 This was a team-building event for a company whose logo is a FOX. What fun!
 My client found me via Gigsalad. Thanks for having me, and for the review already!!! 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Silhouettes at a birthday party!

A daughter booked me for her silhouette-loving mom's 60th birthday party in their home. She'd had her children done back in the 90's at a children's boutique event--they are the framed ones in the top row. Below, you can see my silhouettes of them----as adults!

So I spent a lovely afternoon chatting with their guests while I cut silhouettes at a card table set up in the living room...
This is a view of my table top:
The unquestioned star of the party was the first (and only) grandchild of the birthday girl and her husband, this is the little guy with his mom. I cut quite a few versions of him for everyone who wanted one. 
Thank you to my client, and to Gigmasters!

Monday, February 25, 2019

I cut silhouettes at a wedding expo!

This is my table at a wedding expo which was put on by West Chester Wedding Guide. Hashtag #WCWG2019!
 I showed samples of both silhouettes and caricatures, but focused on cutting complimentary silhouettes for the guests, all of whom were brides-to-be, with either their fiance or their mom. :-) 
My banner is brand new from Goshen Signs!
The 18 x 24 frame holding all the silhouettes on the left is a sample of what couples can do with their guests' silhouettes, since I cut two of everyone at a reception!
The event was held at the American Helicopter Museum, which is actually a really unique wedding venue as well! The huge, heated hangar had lot of different helicopters on display and nice amenities.

This is the view of the vendor across the aisle from me, Triple Fresh Market---they do catering----but they used to be my little corner store! So I can definitely vouch for how good their food is. :-)

My dad worked for Boeing Vertol for many years, so helicopters are cool to me! 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Cocktail Party Silhouettes

These are some of the vendors who will be participating in an upcoming wedding expo this weekend ( I will too!) It was fun to meet them and cut their silhouettes. The event was held in a beautiful Victorian B & B, Faunbrook, that would do any wedding proud. If I hadn't gotten married in Valley of Fire State Park three years ago, this venue would have been right up my alley....

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Caricature Resolution 2019

Caricature Resolution 2019 Facebook,   Caricature Resolution 2019 Instagram:

For the second January in a row, I've participated in this online art challenge, held on both FB and IG, to do one caricature a day in any medium. All the artists use the same list of subjects, this year it was Strong Influential Women. Although I would have been a little happier had there been fewer singers and actresses, (where was the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg?) it was fun to see all the different takes on the same subject, and to discipline myself to do one quick sketch EVERY DAY. My favorites were JK Rowling and  Malala, shown bottom right, and Cher and Meryl Streep (bottom left). I used a regular ballpoint pen, and drew them all in a little sketchbook.
Here's a link to my Instagram  or my album on my Caricatures by Emily FB page  if you want to see my individual drawings.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Drawing Caricatures for the Orange and Black...

Baltimore is always awash in orange/black for the Orioles and purple for the Ravens, but I was drawing the baseball variety of caricatures for 2019 Fanfest this past weekend. Decided to try using my very old lecturers chalk for color, as my Prismacolor Artstix don't seem to be made to the high quality standards that they used to be. The chalk is great for getting pastel effects, so great for shading skin tones ( especially cheeks!!!! :), but it's messy and grubby on the artist who's using it. :-/

Yes I know, I accidentally wrote 'Opening Day' on my sample caricature. I guess I want Spring to get here---I am not a fan of Winter.
One of my colleagues remarked that my sample (an imaginary kid I just made up) looked like a baby Edward G. Robinson....I could see that...
Me and my buddy Gary. :-)
Let's go, O's! (anything is better than last year!)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

BW+One Color Caricature Commission, from Photos

One of my repeat clients recently had me do two groups of ladies for a presentation at an event...this is an example of my Party-Style BW+One Color Caricature. And the color was PINK! :-)
Client texted me after her presentation day: Morning! Everyone loved their picture!!!