Monday, October 24, 2022

Emerald and diamond wedding caricatures!

This afternoon wedding reception was booked via The Bash almost a year and a half ago!  But it was sooo worth the wait!

The groom had me do a studio caricature from photos, so they could have a fun sign-in. The wedding colors were emerald green and silver---I love how it looks as a background!

The reception was held in a historic hotel in Center City Philly--The Sylvania's Arts Ballroom. I was set up near the bar, in an elegant sun-drenched lounge:
Once the dances and toasts were over, it was CARICATURE TIME!

This last lady was drawn as the hotel turned up the lights and started to clean up/get ready for the next event!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Industry Event Space--wedding caricatures...

 That's actually the name of the venue near was an amazingly stylish place to have a wedding and reception! This was my third and final wedding of the weekend, on Sunday evening. The bride found me via The Bash just last week, and we managed to finalize things just in time to have me add my caricatures to the mix!

Yes, their dog was party of the wedding party!!!

Here's the artist with the finished full-length, full-color wedding caricature--which the bride and groom were about to have revealed to them..(only the wedding photog has pics of that moment, though)

Below, you can see my set up, it was near the bar, in an open plan floor space, high-ceilinged industrial-vibe kind of place...whose staff made sure I had everything I needed and kept me hydrated. :-) Thank you!
Now for some caricatures!

Twins are both easy in one way and tough in another, to do..but I think I pulled this off--they liked it!
Contrasting resting faces!!!

I really do love my job!
Thanks for having me!! :-)

Wedding Caricatures in beautiful old BerksCo barn

 The second wedding of my busy weekend, was held on Saturday in rural Berks County, PA. Again, it was moderately raining most of the day, and again, folks adapted and the celebration of love went on. Here's the bride and groom (I had drawn them at the bride's company holiday party last December, so that's how I ended up doing their wedding. :)

The barn was pretty spectacular, elegant and cozy at the same time:

I dropped a pen, and one of my Artstix, and of course, they rolled into one of the deep grooves in the pine floor...I fished them out with a piece of duct tape on the end of a fine point Sharpie. No barn floor is gonna eat my precious (discontinued) Prismacolor Artsix!!

Here are some of the guests and their caricatures!
I stealth-video'ed the reactions of the last two:

It was a wonderful night! Thank you to Allison and Zach for having me!

Monday, October 3, 2022

Country Club Wedding Caricatures in a beautiful valley in Maryland

 This past weekend, I was booked for THREE weddings. The first one, on Friday night, was in rural Maryland, north of Baltimore. Unfortunately, it was raining---but fortunately, it did not diminish the joy! Here's the bridal couple's caricature and their reaction:

I started out on the patio for cocktail hour:

Then we all moved inside when the heavy rains started...

You're not seeing things, the first two gentlemen are brothers...

Here's the artist...and a few more visuals from a wonderful evening, despite the rain!

The bride found me on The Bash---thank you so much for having me! :-)