Tuesday, February 27, 2024

7th Birthday Caricatures, T-swift style!


This little sweetheart looooooves Taylor Swift, so her party was themed that way, big-time!
I drew her first before any of her friends had arrived:
I had printed a drawing I had recently done of Taylor on all my papers, so the birthday girl and all her friends got a caricature of her as well!
Then I got to work doing my line-drawing-only (speedy) mode of caricature:

The decor  and the goodies were pretty perfect!

Thanks so much--to a very good party-giving mom, and The Bash!

Shake it off, indeed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Sweetheart Dance Caricatures

 Valentine's Day 2024 approached, along with my annual date with eight other caricaturists: at a Sweetheart (Father-Daughter) Dance. Mr David C. Perry runs this one and we all draw on his pre-printed papers:

This event always has hundreds of guests, and somehow we always get them all done in two hours!

Afterwards, a few of us went to a diner and ate a well-earned, hearty meal!
Julie, me, David and Donna

Monday, January 29, 2024

60th Birthday Caricature COASTERS!

 This was my first caricatures on coasters gig, AND it was also a stealth gig

The occasion was a belated 60th birthday for a very musical birthday gal (she plays in a mariachi band and a swing band!) and her big day had actually been during the pandemic, so she is a very young 60. 😂😂😂

I knew folks were going to be singing and jamming on musical instruments, so it was very easy to blend in and draw them while they played. Birthday gal belted out this song!

Click here to hear a little bit of music from this party on my IG

So, drawing caricatures on little cork/paper coasters has been a "thing" for awhile now. I bought a bunch  a year ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to use them until this party. They are small enough not to be a burden to carry around (both for artist and recipient), and can be done without an elaborate easel setup. 
I used just a few Prismacolor pencils and enjoyed doing them! Now I need to market them!
This young lady had a beautiful singing voice! She was so surprised when, after she sang, I handed her that coaster!
Here's the saxophonist. Pleased as punch that I drew him!
Bass player!
And some random audience-guests:

Happy birthday Judy!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Boot Barn Grand Opening Silhouettes!

 Well, January gigs are always subject to the whims of winter weather; it so happens that a big snowstorm that dropped six inches of show in my area...(and the first appreciable snow around here in two years!) showed up on Friday afternoon,  just as I was supposed to be cutting silhouettes at this Grand Opening. 

I didn't get there, and neither did pretty much anyone else...even though the store had a skeleton crew working, in case any shoppers DID show up! Luckily, my client was fine with me extending my time on Saturday and Sunday's sessions, which were probably busier after the snow! Yay!

Everyone was delighted as usual, to get an unexpected surprise in the form of a silhouette portrait. I cut dozens of them on both days and met some really nice folks, along with my fellow entertainers
Here are some images from both days, at Boot Barn North Wales

I even did a few dogs from photos!
Thanks for having me Elizabeth!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Prom-themed 10th Birthday party, on a winter's day!

This gorgeous child and forty-five of her closest friends partied it up to celebrate her 10th birthday in style! Because there were so many kids all eager to get a caricature, I went to speed mode: line drawings only. Here are a few:

The party was held in a fave venue of mine, Timothy's of Newark

I had just enough time to squeeze in two adults at the end..then skedaddle before some light snow arrived!
Thanks for having me! :-)