Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toon Weekly!

One of the benefits I've been able to enjoy on my travels is having my laptop and wacom pad with me. I can draw digitally almost anywhere. My detailed couple-caricature commissions, and another I haven't shown yet, have been all done in Photoshop, on the road this week--literally! However, PS is capable of myriad styles, so I decided to try a less-complicated piece.

A parallel field to caricature is character design. Many people confuse the two words when it comes to our art---they are inter-related, but not always the same thing. I'm not an authority on it, but when people say to me in live settings, "Oh, you're a character artist!" I usually explain that I'm a caricaturist, my goal is a specific likeness of a specific person. A character design CAN be a specific person, but not always. A good caricature is always someone in particular.

So, character design is an area I don't have much experience with; (except for my not-wholly-succesful attempt at the two stars of Pulp Fiction in one of last year's NCN Face-offs) but two caricaturists from England have just set up a website devoted to artists showcasing their skills in that area.
(also newly in my links list)

Mike Giblin and Justin Cook are responsible for a place for fellow artists to tackle weekly character design projects. This week it's rock stars, and I decided to join the fun with this glam guy!
Thanks Justin and Mike!