Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mardi Gras-themed fundraiser evening...

Mardi Gras events are always fun--this was an auction-and-cocktails/hors' d'ouevres fundraiser held in a banquet hall for a private school. They gave me a wonderful location right up front to do my thing!

Lots of laughs at this one, I drew mostly couples...and I had a lovely assistant who took donations for the school and was very busy, so much so that they extended my time there by a half hour. :-)

Yes, they played disco music as the night progressed, just as the night before. I should keep track of how many gigs I get to hear the music of my early teens!
Some events even take the decorating into the rest rooms, gotta love that!


  1. It was so wonderful to have you at our school gala! Thanks for your enthusiasm and your wonderful art!

  2. Terrific job Emily. Thanks for making our event such a fun one! Cindy Rusnak, Director

  3. What a wonderful night! Your caricatures were awesome and we had a great time getting it done. Definitely a treasured keepsake!