Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jazz Festival preview party

Last night, I was part of the ambiance/entertainment at the preview mixer for the upcoming Chester County Jazz Festival, being presented by Sugarbaby Events. For openers, we first got to enjoy (video snippet below!) hearing Henderson HS's Honors Jazz band:
It's becoming a social-media-savvy world we're living in: the big screen carried a live image of Tweet Chat, people were encouraged to Tweet ( #chescojazzfest) about our evening and we could see it right there bigger than life. Of course, I did too:
Now for some faces from the easel:

I drew her bosoms well--but I missed this gal's dimple...I'll have to see if I can connect with her (through social media, of course!) and fix that somehow!
 The last band of the evening was smoooooooooth jazz. :-) (video snippet below, too)
See you this summer at the Chester County Jazz Festival! June 30-July 1 in West Chester, PA!

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