Thursday, August 27, 2015

Caricatures at a three-day Biotech convention!

One sunny, hot morning in June, I found myself at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, ready to represent a local biotech caricaturing an international audience of professionals as SUPERHEROES!
I drew and copied the bodies beforehand, along with the company logo, and then added the faces. The time it took me to do each person's caricature, was also exactly the time needed by Vencore's team to explain what their company is all about. :-)
Yes, the men outnumbered the ladies...but I drew some super-heroines too!
This lady immediately made it her Instagram profile pic!
A few more guys:
I drew folks from all over the globe: The Netherlands, the UK, France, India, Korea, and of course places all over the USA. 
This is a two-headed American superhero!
There was lots of laughter, photo-taking, and comments that Vencore's convention swag was quite  enjoyable and memorable!
 I also created, a little at a time as each person's schedule permitted,  a group caricature of the Vencore team---incorporating lots of little elements relevant to each person. 
Thanks to Vencore for having me...and Gigmasters for making it happen!

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