Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Caricatures at a delightful 3rd birthday party for twins!

These two little guys had a wonderful train-themed party with loving family and friends! I am so lucky to get to share days like this one with such awesome folks...look at this fabulous set-up for my caricatures!
With a sign even!! Their mom was party planner extraordinaire!
After I drew the kids in attendance, it was time to draw the adults (hee hee)
Grandparents first! He reminded me of Chuck Berry.
Then family and friends...and REACTIONS!!!

Then the mom and dad of the birthday boys:
I I think it's safe to say they liked it. ;-)
Then the dad and his father-in-law sat last for me, so I had to pull out a masterpiece! They asked for a fishing theme. HA!!!! Love the reaction!!!
The caricatures were displayed for the duration:
And the kids enjoyed their cake!
Thanks for having me!! :-)

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