Sunday, December 10, 2017

Holiday Party #3 of 2017

Above: You can see me drawing the couple shown: below on the right

First snowstorm of the year---on a gig day---meant my hubby heroically chauffeured me in luxurious four-wheel-drive while I white-knuckled the door handle. ;-) The party wasn't postponed or cancelled, as most of the guests were neighbors at a family holiday party in a home, and they invited my hubby to come in, too! Got there in plenty of time, started early and was asked to stay longer! That's a successful gig. 
This couple was so CUTE:
Loved drawing her eyebrows!

When hubby's present, there are photos of me:
In this one you can see my "concentrating on caricaturing" face: biting my bottom lip:
Happy Holidays, all!

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