Friday, January 13, 2012

First gig of 2012

On Wednesday night, I had a rare mid-week corporate event, held at a trendy restaurant:
Four artists and our sitters took up several booths on the mezzanine, which was reserved for the party.
One of our aforementioned sitters took this shot of John Sprague and I plying our craft (it was also a rare color gig and we were working from sign-in sheets):
We were asked by a guest "Which one of you is Dali and which one is Rembrandt?" which we found strangely appropriate in a caricature sense!
Here's a couple of my drawings:
Of course, on the first drawing of the evening, I wrote "2011"....duh!
Afterwards, we went downstairs and enjoyed some fancy cuisine with my fiance, (who was my chauffeur for the evening)! Luxury!
L-R... Caricaturist John O'Connell, my JB, "Rembrandt" and "Dali"! 

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