Sunday, January 22, 2012

O's Fanfest 2012

Yesterday, on the first sleety/snowy day of the year, some people's thoughts were jumping way ahead to spring, and baseball season in Baltimore...
It was O's Fanfest day, and even though Baltimore's NFL team, the Ravens, are hot,  hardly anyone was wearing their purple--but there was lots of  Oriole ORANGE in evidence---and we were drawing it!

I was part of Rick Wright's A-team:
My easel is sandwiched between Gary "Toonboy" Smith's to my left, and Dan Ginter's to my right.  I'd never actually seen Dan work live except at conventions, (where the motive is not to please customers!) and very much enjoyed seeing him do these lushly colorful, appealingly alive pieces, using the chalk-and-glove technique:
Above: by Dan Ginter. Below: by Gary "Toonboy" Smith.
Gary is a big fan of "defunct 60's and 70's sitcoms" (his words, not mine) so he was pretty happy when this young lady sat in his chair. He asked her parents if they realized their daughter bore more than a passing resemblance to the Partridge Family's Susan Dey...they hadn't, but agreed---now that he'd mentioned it!  :-)
Thanks to Rick, for having me. Here he is, drawing away:
And here's a photo he took of us, before the onslaught:
L-R Dan, Gary (whose face Stan Laurel seems to have possessed) and myself.