Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Irish Festival

The day before heading to the ISCA convention in San Antonio, I was caricaturing my little (25%) Irish fingers off at the annual Irish festival...
Wait! She's NOT Irish!!  I had a run of faces who were just Irish-for-the-day :-) This young lady is an exchange student from China, who wanted to be drawn doing an Irish jig. She showed me how to write her name in Chinese, and I added it at the top.
Wait! SHE'S not Irish, either! But---she has a typical gingery, pasty-skinned, Guiness-loving guy for a hubby! ;-)
Now for some actual Irish dancers:

This couple, for me, were so much fun to draw. First of all, they wanted an airbrushed one (the rest are all artstix.) She was wearing green eyeshadow and lots of bling. They had a crowd of family members watching, and quite a happy reaction when I showed them. 
I happened to see her later, and she was still clutching their caricature!
Here's a little sample of the vibe:
That's the kind of music to get your toes tappin'. Also, this is the ONLY gig of the year where my snack food of the day is "champ". 

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