Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christening portrait

It's not often that I attempt portraits, but this is my result, done for a christening the Other Half and I attended last weekend...
 It's airbrush, marker, and colored pencil.
Here, it's being passed around to sign, next to the little angel...
This is how it looked after everyone but Mommy and Daddy had signed:
The service was held in a historic church on Manhattan's Upper West Side...St. Michael's Episcopal:
Many of the stained glass windows were done by Tiffany:
Another treat wasn't visual, but aural:
Here is a link to the organist. What an unexpected pleasure to listen to him play this!
This is what he says on his website: 
"...the spark that fueled the fires to explore all musical styles as a musician and not just a critical listener began with John Belushi.  Yes, Mr. Belushi couldn’t have known that when he came onto the SNL stage in the mid-1970s dressed as Beethoven, sat down at the piano, and morphed the all-too familiar strains of Für Elise into a boogie-woogie that a little boy’s soul in Eastern Kentucky was reeling from the religious experience taking place inside him.  I saw the light indeed and knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." 
I saw that skit as a kid, too. Love hearing how other artists find their passion! 

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