Sunday, December 9, 2012

ISCA con 2012: Likeness competition

Every year at the annual ISCA convention ( just held in November in San Antonio, Texas) there is a evening's competition specifically for party artists. Because of the nature of live caricatures,  (entertaining personality + speed and quality of artwork) it's difficult to run, much less judge such a competition.  Two lines of chairs were set up, one for the artists and one for the sitters (who were made up of artists not entering). Thirty minutes were given to see who could come up with the best party/retail type caricatures, which were then put up on each artist's section of ballroom wall.  Voting (by all members) for this category was held immediately afterward. The winner was the delightful Ali Thome from our mutual state of PA, ( yay!) second place was Kira Layli Moore, and third was taken by Mac Garcia, who was one of my sitters. Below: my six people whom I completed...
(Mac is middle row right.) Yes, we caricaturists think this stuff is fun!


  1. That's great Emily!
    Finally. Miss everybody.... glad it was fun.

  2. Thanks, Elaine, we miss you too. I still have the one you did of me. It's in Florida again next year!