Sunday, July 28, 2013

At the Fair 2013

July is usually a month of heat waves, thunderstorms, sausage sandwiches, ferris wheels, fireworks and caricatures...
Although this year, my fair featured surprisingly pleasant and cool weather (notice the hoodie I'm wearing in the above photo).
It didn't start off that way. Monday and Tuesday's high temperatures were broken by some vicious thunderstorms, that came the night after I took this photo:
Although my tent was lowered and staked in securely, this is what I found when I arrived on Wednesday. :-(
So, off I went to the nearby sporting goods store:
Back to caricaturing!!
First up: three boys...

Then some little daughters: ( two different families, though)
On the right, the mom is holding a photo of last year's drawing on her phone. :-)
On the left, my Other Half got a photo of this little lass watching me draw and patiently waiting her turn:
Some couples in BW:
and in color:
One word: EYEBROWS
Below: Another phone-wielding dad with a whole COLLECTION of my caricatures of his sons pictured! Whoa!
Now for some girls!

Finally, a young man whose family has been my Fair next-door-neighbor for many years, and whom I first drew when he was about ten years old. He was due for another one!
Below: My Other Half came along again for the last two days, and took good care of me with lots of lemonade. He also kept the sausage sandwich vendor in business. ;-)

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