Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parades, fireworks, and caricatures

Last weekend, during an oppressive heatwave, (which has since broken, thankfully) I had an outdoor, all-day community-day gig. Yes, it was hot and steamy, but it was still fun! Here's the proof!

The town is right on the riverfront:
My spot was under a shady tree, with a waterfront view:
This smiling lady was my first subject, right at 10 am:
This is quite the assortment of faces:

Below: It was so hot this little guy couldn't last long enough for a photo with him in hence just the caricature here. You can tell by his expression he has just about had enough!
After the day wound down, it was time for fireworks!
My Other Half came along, too. We both enjoy the places my job takes us. Yay for caricaturing!

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