Thursday, February 26, 2015

A picture-pretty snowfall didn't stop this party!

Last weekend, a 6" snowfall decided to fall in the area where I was booked to do a family birthday party, right before and DURING the scheduled time I'd be client had told me it was going to happen, no matter the weather. :-) So, happily, I didn't lose a gig due to Mother Nature! 

My wonderful Other Half offered to drive me, since I'm not fond of driving on slippery, snowy, slick surfaces. We arrived after using my iPhone, perched in its cradle on my dashboard, to navigate to  the client's as-yet-unplowed street.  My Other Half then helped me in with my gig suitcase, after which he happily went off to the nearby Home Depot....WITH MY PHONE STILL IN THE CAR. My routine had been altered by being chauffeured! 
Of course, I knew where it was, and I knew I could use their home phone to call him when I was, where's the problem?
No phone, no camera!
(And it showed me how dependent I am on the darn thing.) 
 All was not lost, I DID have my iPad with me...but it is really not suitable for photo-taking at gigs, and truthfully, many places. It's so big and clunky, and even kind of intrusive. So I only took these three photos. Waaah. 
Thank you for having me. And let's hear it for February birthdays!!

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