Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wrestling caricatures

This past weekend, I crammed many hours of caricaturing into one long day. But that's fun to me! First up was a wrestling tournament, and my drawing time was during the little-guy matches:
Since I was there representing, I was able to use Rick's pre-printed wrestling papers, and just draw heads (and medals if they had any!)
I even drew the late lamented Mr. Spock wrestling, during some down time, with that pose. ;-)
This one was allll drawn by me. That doesn't seem like a legal wrestling move. 
The girls who sat for me had other ideas. She wanted the Oriole Bird:
And SHE wanted a gymnastics pose. Not just ANY gymnastics pose, though...she had an image on her phone she wanted me to to draw:
She was pretty surprised when I told her her I actually knew the MAD artist who drew that!
And thanks, Rick!

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