Monday, April 20, 2015

Caricatures at a Car Show!

Saturday's first gig involved a parking lot full of vintage cars and their owners, spending a gorgeous, breezy spring afternoon sharing their pride-and-joys. And eating and listening to music and getting car-caricatures! 
This boy asked for a Mini!
This guy wanted a souped-up wheelchair. I was glad to oblige!
And this little boy brought his OWN car!
This lady showed me a picture of her and her husband's turquoise, of course, that had to be in the caricature---she was wearing a hat, earrings, sneakers and carrying a purse all in that color!
The musicians put on a good show...these guys started before I did so I got a photo and some video:
And THIS guy! I was drawing away by the time he took the stage:
Wow! He really looked and sounded like Elvis! Found out our client had also booked him through Gigmasters. After I finished up, I took a few more photos of cool cars and then was on my way to a Gig #2--a graduation party.

Thanks for having me Dorman!! :-)

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