Thursday, April 16, 2015

A colorful, theme-y 10th birthday party!

I'd drawn this sweet little girl during my stint on the boardwalk in OCNJ a few years when it came time for her 10th birthday, her family checked out my website, printed on the bottom of her caricature, and soon had me drawing for her and her friends in 2015!
Birthday girl is in the middle of the sofa between her friends. Since it was a small group, each girl got a super-deluxe-color-with-body-and-theme caricature. And several of the girls wanted beach backgrounds...which meant I got to draw happy little crabs. :-) 
I also drew a cousin from a photo, who was coming later...
Then it was time for a group caricature ( including a tiny, tiny version of the aforementioned cousin!)
Thank you Gianna and family!!!! :-)

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