Friday, June 26, 2015

Carnival-themed college graduation celebration

Another recent, extremely enjoyable gig for me was this college graduation party, held in a hotel just off-campus from the University of Delaware. I'll bet a huge majority of its guests were out-of-state families and friends of students who had graduated that afternoon. The hotel put on a quite a nice spread for them in the lobby!
 As locales go for a caricarist and her easel, this was pretty darn near perfect!
This couple sat and waited for me for twenty minutes before start-time, they were true caricature fans! And when he told me he was from San Francisco, and had a caricature from his grad night a few years ago, I deduced that he probably had it done by my friend Zach Trenholm...
Here are some more happy faces!
Thanks to Gigsalad for this one! 
My client left some nice feedback for me there, thank you so much!!!
Emily was awesome! She is very professional, set up with plenty of time, and moves through the line quickly and efficiently. And, best of all, her caricatures were great! I would definitely recommend her.

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