Sunday, September 20, 2015

Celestia and the Holy Grail...

In 2011, I created what is probably my favorite ever "wall" at the annual ISCA convention...a Monty-Python-themed  "ISCA and the Holy Nosey" masterpiece, if I do say so myself (insert tongue in cheek here).  (The highest award an artist can receive at our annual caricaturists' convention is the coveted Golden Nosey.) Since we relentlessly caricature our colleagues all week at these cons, I got to choose which particular character in Monty Python and the Holy Grail would become one of my artist friends. God himself became Jan Op De Beeck, King Arthur became Steve Hearn, who was ISCA President at the time, the Knights of the Round Table were his board members, and so on....
For Princess Lucky, who is about to marry Prince Herbert aka Terry Jones, it had to be my friend Celestia Ward  and her huuuuuge....tracts of land. I must have been pretty prescient..because last week, SHE GOT TO MEET TERRY JONES!!!!!

He was in Atlanta, Georgia for DragonCon, and so was she. A special screening of Grail was on the schedule, and she even rearranged her flight home to be able to attend. Yes, I was jealous (life-long rabid Python fan here, ok, since I was 13---and I can recite Python chapter and verse) and yes, I was happy for her. :-)

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