Tuesday, May 24, 2016

First gig post-my-own-wedding!

For my first post-wedding-post-honeymoon gig, I returned to a fabulous venue and a repeat client, who came to me last year also, through the-Nose.com. It was a holiday party for a large group of happy realtors who were celebrating a good year.

When I say post-wedding, I mean, I STILL HAD ON FANCY ACRYLIC NAILS...which was a first for me (ever!)..so doing a gig with them was a new experience...one I WON'T repeat. ;-)
They SEVERELY hampered my ability to even just pick up my Prismacolor Artstix. 
Above: pre-gig hands, and below: the nails stayed pretty pristine, but my fingertips look how they always look after caricaturing madly for a few hours. The black ink spots are from repeatedly opening and then capping my Copic Sketchmarkers. Which is why I never get manicures---I went and had them removed pronto the next morning.
I can live without fancy nails for the sake of my skills! :-)
 The band was rocking when I sat down at my easel and started pumping them out! Since most folks were dancing, we had a table to my left, for piles of caricatures...
Some photos of the fun:
Reactions are just priceless!
This guy looks like V.I.Lenin, and I told him that (again)!
Group caricatures are challenging, but I was super happy with this one!

Afterwards, my brand new husband picked me up from this gig and took me out for a drink--a fabulous cucumber-pomegranate mojito! It was my back-to-giggging, last-hurrah-for-the-fake-nails celebration.

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