Friday, December 5, 2014

Second holiday gig of 2014

Two holiday parties in two nights for me! My easel and I attended another festive event last night. This one was courtesy of, and the guests were all real estate agents. The venue was a converted theater!
Everybody was *really* happy here and there was a live band!
My very first sitter told me I had drawn her ten years ago at a party, and that it was still hanging up in her office!! Unfortunately, I didn't remember her....brain like a sieve, I guess. Or else it might be that I have drawn probably tens of thousands of faces since then ;-)
More fun reaction shots at this party!
I was asked to do several groups of co-workers, whose  members left when done, so this photo below doesn't include the subjects......however, the V.I. Lenin-lookalike appears in the video taken by my last subject of the evening (and the band's finale, too!)
(Yes, I told him he could have a career impersonating Lenin----and he said it wasn't the first time he'd heard that!!!)
Okay...two minutes of party ambiance including what I look like from the sitter's P.O.V. ( Yikes) (and it's my sitter singing, I was just mouthing the words ;-)
Thanks, Tad!!!

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