Saturday, May 6, 2017

Two-groom wedding caricatures in historic house...

It was my pleasure to draw caricatures at the spring wedding of these two gentlemen...because I was also present at their proposal (which took place at a gala fundraising event) and that was my 1st caricature of them :-)
So the wedding was long awaited and held at a lovely historic venue in Delaware
Did their caricature beforehand from photos, so folks could sign it as they arrived.  
Look at this lovely room where I set up!

The wedding colors were fun---purple and green.
I tried to get photos of everyone, but I know I missed a few. I managed to draw 50+ folks in 4.5 hours. :-) Whew!
So here goes:

There was also a tent for dining and dancing in the garden, and I managed to get a few good photos of that...:-)
Love the purple lighting!! Congrats, you guys, and thanks for having me!

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