Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bridal shower/bachelorette party: caricatures AND silhouettes!

This, to date, is the ONLY party where I've done BOTH caricatures and silhouettes. So this small group of ladies got the best of both my performance arts! First, the bride-to-be:
Then she and her sister and friends, with their silhouettes:
The bride got two silhouettes, one with her hair and one with her little faux veil.

Then with their caricatures, including a group drawing. Can you tell that wine-drinking was a heavily favored theme?

Here's a closer look at the group caricature:

and a few of the silhouettes:
After I finished, they insisted that enjoy some refreshments, then I joined them as the bride opened her presents. Thank you, ladies, and thank you Gigmasters!

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