Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Gras merriment

A local university held a Mardi Gras evening tonight, which included a masked caricature artist! ;-)
There was also a great live jazz ensemble, a silver-clad dancer, make-your-own masks, and other goodies. The students also made time for some video of the progress New Orleans has made since Hurrican Katrina... One of my subjects took some great photos for me. (Thanks!!) Enjoy! The dancer got a drawing too!


  1. oh man! i love your mask, but did it bug you while you were drawing? I tried to do that once, and couldn't take it. tore that mask off 1/2 way through the first drawing. The second time i was asked to do a mardi gras, I painted my mask on. much better. :) That photo of you is super awesome though. you look very mysterious and enchanting :D

  2. aww, It looks like you have so much fun wherever you go! Hi Emily, I hope you're doing well! Hey, I've put you on my links list on my blog! It'd seem like a crime not to. :)

  3. Thanks Sam! I was aware of the mask for the first five minutes, then I forgot about it. Lots of the students were wearing masks too.
    Nico, wow, thanks! I do have fun, how can I not? I get to do what I love for a living! Same back at ya on the blog.

  4. Scary mask, great drawings, I love the one of the 3 people on one page.

  5. Thanks Niall, they were fun, and only one of many threesomes and doubles that I drew that evening. I barely used any paper for the amount of faces I caricatured.