Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sushi artists by a caricature artist

Quite a while back, my fiance took a caricature I'd drawn of the sushi chefs at our favorite sushi restaurant in the whole world, Matsu, to them in Huntington Beach, CA. They displayed in their cozy, intimate sushi bar, but I had never seen it hanging up because I've only been able to visit once a year.
Tonight was my once-a-year for 2009! And I'd drawn the owner and the other chef from a photo my fiance had taken some time ago. They were very happy to receive another, and were gracious enough to pose for me for some photos. I even remembered how to say "caricature" in Japanese---"ni-ga-o-e", learned from my Japanese friends at the NCN convention. Thank you Hiroshi, Yuki, and Yuji!


  1. mmmmmmmm....Sushi !!!!!!!
    I like it,
    very nice drawings Emily and the people are very happy,I see it,

  2. Thanks Jan! It definitely made us very happy that they were so pleased.

  3. Nice job on them EM!! Thet look really good. I hope you and John got some free California rolls out of the deal!!!

  4. Thanks, Rick! They did appreciate our offering. What these guys are capable of goes faaaaaar beyond California rolls, though. They are true artists in how they do it, and what it tastes favorite delicacy is their sumo roll: tempura shrimp, avacado and cucumber wrapped in soy paper and rice topped with raw tuna, eel sauce, spicy sesame oil, scallions, masago and sesame seeds.

  5. Hello Emily, nice caricature your are great..continue like that