Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Caricatures at Doggie Boutique

My Valentine's Day was spent amidst the company of many of man's best friends and their families in a lovely dog boutique, housed in a 1867 barn. Godfrey's Welcome to Dogdom had a cozy little spread, complete with complimentary liver brownies and goodies for humans too! There was a line twenty minutes before I was even due to start, and I ended up drawing twice as long as planned. All in all, I drew about 60 individual dogs and people in 4 hours. Dog lovers REALLY love their pets! Most people actually brought their animals--there were many Labs, golden retrievers and toy dogs. Some drawings I did were from photos of dogs who'd crossed the Rainbow Bridge. All of them meant alot to their owners. I look forward to drawing at Godfrey's again!


  1. Yes, we are. And proud of it. ;-)
    You're just jealous that you don't get poodle gigs!

  2. Right on Emily. you really whipped em out. Dog catures make me go so slooowww.