Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Texas caricatures, etc.

One of my favorite families who come back every year for a caricature!
The mom and girlfriend of a serviceman who is stationed in Tanzania sat for this one; they are going to send it to him. I asked them if he was in Zanzibar, and they surprisedly said yes, how did you know that?? I told them that one Freddie Mercury was born and spent his early childhood there! 
A Jack Russell. Woof.
A kid who loves Angry Birds...I'm attempting to do cloud backgrounds more often.
This is what Texan girls wear to football games (photo taken on the OU-Longhorns game day).

The two photos above are of my colleague Paul's work. He's a whiz at comic-book-y stuff, and also renders hair with an airbrush like I'll never be able to...well, maybe someday. I learn alot from all three of my co-workers here.
Another cute couple--I had fun rendering her platinum blonde hair against the rainbow background.
"Can you make me playing an electric guitar?"So I made it a Red Special...
This woman came up to me and told me I'd drawn her and her friend last year, and that they really liked it---and it was on her phone!
Stylish sunglasses-wearers...
"Game over!"
Deep-fried chocolate-chip-cookie dough balls with chocolate syrup. Mmmmmm! Better than Schweddy's!
A cute lil' girl. I have been trying to draw bigger and this one achieved full use of the paper.
His shirt was hilarious! His wife didn't want a caricature at first, but when she saw it, she loved it. :-)
A foursome!
A great smile!
A brother and sister wearing typical expressions--I love catching those!

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