Monday, October 10, 2011

A little break from caricaturing in Texas

During my time here at the Fair, I work 12-hour days--every day--so there is really no time for anything but drawing caricatures, eating fried food, (the fried chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious!) and sleeping. However, the other night, due to the 3-mile-away proximity of a live Tim Minchin performance, I took a break...
...wore my caricature of the man on my t-shirt, and look who I happened to bump into! We were in a beautifully restored Art Deco theater:
Okay, he appreciates all his fans enough to meet them after his concerts, and he said he remembered me from giving him that caricature in Washington, DC a few months back. Although I'll forgive him if he was just being polite, since I certainly can't remember everyone I've ever drawn. We chatted about our mutual affection for the Beatles and Queen. :-)

The Dallas audience was extremely warm and appreciative towards him, considering he had some issues with his piano rental...Here is the one clip I took of him practicing his artistry: (and he attributes his American success to Youtube, so that's why I feel okay sharing this non-spoiler kind of snippet--it just showcases what a whiz he is on piano!)

As we left, Dallas was receiving some much-needed, long-awaited rain!


  1. I really like your blog Emily - your artwork is just amazing, and your taste in comedy is right up my alley.

    Now when you have the time, please check out my site - - any maybe I could help promote your wares via a link-exchange?

  2. that is a great picture of you.
    love you