Monday, March 19, 2012

Her birthday caricature was really an ENGAGEMENT caricature!

On Saturday evening, I delighted in what is a big thrill for any caricaturist: being part of a marriage proposal!!
There's a neat backstory to this. In 2006, I was still caricaturing at Philadelphia Phillies games and drew a very nice gentleman (with his signature hat) and his lovely daughter Helen, and I took a photo of their drawing. A few years later, they happened to walk by my stand at my annual summer fair, and were surprised and pleased to see their caricature was one of my samples! So the dad took my card, and said someday he'd hire me for something. Well, the something turned out to be his daughter's 30th birthday party this past Saturday. When I arrived, he pulled me aside and told me that her boyfriend wanted to propose with a caricature--and the only people who knew were himself, the BF, the BF's mom---and me!!! So while I was drawing the guests, I knew the main event was to come later...
This is my caricature from 2006, which was on display at the party:
And this is the dad, Glenn (no hat, though! almost didn't recognize him---the mustache helped) and two of his grandsons now:
I was a little nervous, but probably not as much as the prospective bridegroom! When he and Helen finally sat for me, I put up a prepared sign on my easel that said: "SHHHHH! It's a surprise!!" so no one would blurt out what I was drawing. And no one did---Helen was completely stunned when the moment came, as you can see in my little video!

She definitely got a birthday surprise. :-)
Good things can definitely come in threes--a birthday party on St. Patrick's day that included Tony and Helen's surprise engagement---Thank you for having me be a part of it and congratulations!!!

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