Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thai street artists, etc..."walking street" on the island of Koh Samui

Of course, my timing was off and I walked up just in time to see the artist applying hairspray to his charcoal caricature-portrait then bagging it up...(also see video at end of blog post)
This was during a "walking street"in Fisherman's Village, pretty self-explanatory--the road is closed to traffic and there are so many vendors and tourists that it's a bewildering, yet exhilarating experience. Complete with outdoor portable bars every twenty feet... 
There were other types of art going on too, this gentleman was doing intricate work with a gold pen:
These are made of coconut husks:
Here's a little sample of a "walking street" vibe:
(The first shot in the video is with my son and my other half, after our first purchase one of the aforementioned portable bars. :-)

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