Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brits in Bangkok..and it's a small world

At a yoga class of my son's, held in a private home in Bangkok, I met more of his wonderful students/friends. This lovely English lady and her daughters were caricature fans, so I asked if they'd ever been drawn before. The younger daughter said, "Yes, at Alton Towers!" Thinking the artist might have been one of my friends (Mike, Mickey, or Mick :-) I asked her if she still had it, and she retrieved it from her room to show me. It turned out to be none of the male artists, but my friend Liesbeth, from Belgium, who spent a summer working there!
I'm holding Liesbeth's drawing. They're holding my drawings.

After class, (my son took no mercy on his mother) I drew them and their dogs! And we chatted about various mutual likes (the Beatles and Queen being top of the list ;-) I'm so lucky to have my vocation be what it is, which allows me to meet such cool people!

Below: a fuzzy Iphone pic of myself and Liesbeth at the opening reception of the 2011 ISCA convention.


  1. HAHAHHA WOW !!!! SO LOVELY to see yes the world can be small sometimes !!! nice to see a drawing of mine made it to bankok !!! THANKS for posting Emily !!!! hope you are having heaps of fun over there ! i am enjoying your posts about it !!

  2. Now I have 2 very different pictures of me and i love them both!