Monday, January 7, 2013

Little kids at a bon-voyage party in Bangkok

One of my son's yoga students and her husband invited us to a going-away party at their condo in downtown Bangkok. So I brought my clipboard, markers and artstix (I always travel with those), bought some copy paper and dove right in with the kids (caricaturistically speaking :-)
The little ones were really interested! (Photos by George)
 I was a little out of my element, as I didn't have bags for the drawings, or my easel and other paraphernalia, but it went well! I may even have sparked some interest in my craft. :-)

I drew from phones for parents whose kids happened to be elsewhere that day...

 It was really neat to meet so many people from all over the world at one little gathering. There were Aussies, Brits, Japanese, Americans, Russians, Belgian, and French. We even met a couple who lived near where my Other Half grew up! Thank you for having us, Yulia and Ben!

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  1. nice work emily..i'm toinie caricaturist from may visit my blog or fb..tq..:)