Monday, January 7, 2013

Caricaturing a long, long way from Thailand!

January is usually the slowest time of the year for me in regards to live caricature events, so it's the optimal time to go away. I've found myself (along with my Other Half) in Thailand again to visit my son George...and here is the first live drawing for 2013:
George teaches yoga and has also always been a musician. Recently he starting crafting these little thumb pianos, or kalimbas, as they're called. It took alot of pounding pavement in the carpentry and steel-crafting districts of Bangkok to find the Thai artisans to make his components. He uses one at the restful end of his classes and is now selling them to students and anyone else who would like to spread ethereal lady he was showing it to described it as "twinkly music" :-). Here is a link to George's Sound My Soul page.

George said that the "asana" (yoga position I drew him in) wasn't quite possible.  ;-)

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