Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purim party!

Sunday brunch for a multi-age group of kids included waffles, hamantasch, and...caricatures!
The Jewish holiday of Purim is all about celebrating with food and costumes:
This cute little sign greeted me at the door, along with a latecomer teen who helped me carry my bag up the steps...more on him later. :-)
I set up my easel while the service was still going on, and was ready to go when all the kids came pouring in the party room:
 A Lady Liberty with a smile...
 Ooops...forgot or didn't see Ninja-boy's dimple!!
This kid had handcuffs and everything!
A helpful mom took some photos with my phone for me. Thank you, you know who you are! :-)
Below: She got me in mid-draw...
This is the young man who gallantly carried my new gig-case ( just visible in background) up the stairway. I was so happy to see he had on a ridiculous chicken hat!!
 She also got a great reaction shot---Thanks again! I love how you can see the girl's reaction in the window, too. 
At the end I was able to draw a couple of adults...this mom sat and enjoyed watching me draw for a good portion of the party. Here she is with her daughter:
Shalom...and thank you to my client! It was fun, and I gobbled up those hamantasches on the way home. :-)

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