Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Misc stuff from the Texas State Fair...

State Fairs are an interesting mix of unexpected happenings and this year in Texas was no different.
It rained every weekend til the last, so then it was no-room-to-breathe crowded...
This was the best scooter design I've seen in forever!
I did some in-your-face marketing on my drawing board and gained some fans on my FB, Vine and Instagram. Sadly, most folks were unaware of just who was telling them to follow me! One mom said to her kid, "Look at the little man with funny teeth!!"!?!?!?!
A t-shirt that educated me! I thought they were all about football. ;-)
One night, a group of engineering students came and got caricatures...from all of us artists. Can you guess which one I did?
 Another night, early on, we found out that the band on the main stage was BLONDIE!!!! Paul and I hoofed it up there pronto, just in time to hear sixty-eight-year-old Debbie Harry belting out One Way or Another... ( I still have my 45 rpm single...)
After she sang it, she proclaimed, "THAT'S how it's done, ladies and gentlemen!!!" I guess she's heard some lame karaoke versions of herself. ;-)
On the way to the ladies room every day, I passed a glass case with the winners of the annual shoe contest. These were my favorites.
This is Celestia and I devouring practically the final Fletcher's Corny Dogs of the whole fair, right after closing on the last night. That's our friend, Michael the manager...who has a corny dog tattoo on his shin. 
On the way home I saw a sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. 

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