Saturday, November 2, 2013

Texan Twosomes 2013

Couples are always fun to do...contrasts in appearance and personality make the caricaturist use both visual AND psychological magnifying glasses:
I think she was the palest person I drew this year at the Fair. He asked for the caption...
These two had a nice vibe between them. This is the only "on the drawing board, before I show them" type of photo I took. In addition to the camera angle distorting it a little, I accidentally cropped the bottom. Boo, me!
 Tatted to the left/pale and gauged to the right!
If their cleavage is on display, I draw it... ;-)
 SHE was taller...
 Guess which one was the extrovert?
 HE did all the talking. 
Just two generally 'thrilled-to-be-there-getting-a-caricature' couples. :-)
 Both these couples were drawn by me in past years. Thanks!!
It's the sixth year I've drawn these two!
All three of these drawings had very interesting hair to render.
 Above: Father/son caricatures. It was really fun drawing Deadpool on his shirt, I had to Google him to know who he is!) Below: Mother/daughter caricatures. The redhead mom told me to make her a blonde as she didn't like how her current haircolor had turned out!
Another mom/daugher one (loved her t-shirt ;-)

 Awwwww....young love!
Above: two engaged couples about to start their lives together in distant lands! ( Left, Germany, and right, Australia...accents were giveaways. )
Drew several Minions this year. I reiterate (I know it's been said on this blog somewhere once or twice) I love my job!! 

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  1. Excellent work as always! Knocking 'em outta da park! See you at the con?