Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Delco vs. Montco" wedding reception

Saturday evening's wedding reception was a blast!
An exuberant couple and all their friends jokingly divided themselves into two camps: those from Delaware County, PA  "Delco" (the bride and her family and friends) and those from Montgomery County, PA "Montco" (the groom and his).  Well, OF COURSE, I had to write that on all the caricatures!!! And for the record, I am originally "Delco"!!! :-) Wooo-hooo!
I started out drawing in the foyer, for the cocktail hour:
...then I moved into the ballroom as the reception proper began...
There were a few folks from farther afield: 
These two were the first drawing of the evening, and the only one that didn't include the caption. They escaped before I got a photo of them. ;-) I never did find out if they were Delco or Montco:
Fun night!!! The bride and groom were so busy dancing that they didn't have time to sit for a caricature...but that happens, receptions can be crazy and intense. Thanks to my clients, the sister and brother-in-law of the groom, who had me draw at their wedding last year! 
That was the view as I packed my gear and headed out into another frigid night. Will spring pleeeeeeease arrive?
Here's a great caricature reaction that I also put on my Instagram:
Thanks for having me....DELCO!!!!

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