Monday, March 16, 2015

Minion-y 1st Birthday...and a surprise

Spring is desperately trying to be sprung here, and on a warmer, rainy Saturday afternoon I found myself joining the guests at a lively, Minion-themed 1st birthday party. Mom and Dad sat for a family caricature with the birthday boy, then went to light candles and sing to the little guy. Right as they finished singing, the dad proposed to the mom in front of an excited throng of friends and relatives! I wasn't able to get photos of that but I DID revise the caricature to make sure it captured all the day's events!
Left: Before Proposal. Right: AFTER proposal!
I had fun drawing minions on everybody's caricature.
This guy asked for TWO minions.
The party had a bunch of hashtags!
So I put this one on my own Instagram!
Thanks again and congratulations to both the birthday boy and his parents!!!!!!

Update: The new bride-to-be sent this note afterward: 
Thank you so much,  for making DeMikos party more of a hit! We were so impressed with your drawings. You do such an awesome job! We will spread the word about your caricatures, and keep you in mind for save-the-date, and wedding! Thank you so much, again! 

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