Thursday, April 30, 2015

Temple alumni get warm caricatures on a chilly day!

Saturday dawned overcast and chilly, but this caricaturist was prepared for an outdoor gig at Temple University. I had on my fingerless gloves (can't handle Prismacolor artstix with full gloves) and Under Armour (to keep the rest of me warm.)
It was Alumni Weekend at the university, and the particular event that I was drawing for was in the Temple Owls-Donor Appreciation tent.
Lots of maroon in these caricatures! 
This couple told me they were a three-generation Temple family...
and that they'd been married 60 years...
Looks like they still like seeing themselves together!!
Thanks to Gigmasters for this gig! :-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Caricatures at a Shabbaton!

This was a different event for me, I'd never drawn at a Shabbaton before!
A friendly couple was running things...
and although it was a new-to-me type of gig, what was the same as always was TEENAGERS. ;-)
Thanks to for making it happen!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Doctoral Graduation Party!

This graduation party was FUNNNNN!
The gentlemen here achieved his academic pinnacle, and his friends and family were there in force to celebrate that. :-)
Look at that cool cake!!! The icing graduate even looked like him!
I started out on a pleasant veranda, to the strains of a steel favorite kind of background music for a cocktail party. But I was too busy to get a photo of him. :-(
This photo is the aforementioned pleasant veranda, as everyone (including me) moved in the dining room after the cocktail hour...and then the music came from a live Motown-esque group. Didn't get a picture of them either ( they were great!) (too busy having fun drawing!!)
Here are the owners of some great faces!
Congratulations, Chris and thank you for having me at your entire celebration! I know you're going to  do great things with your degree. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Caricatures at a Car Show!

Saturday's first gig involved a parking lot full of vintage cars and their owners, spending a gorgeous, breezy spring afternoon sharing their pride-and-joys. And eating and listening to music and getting car-caricatures! 
This boy asked for a Mini!
This guy wanted a souped-up wheelchair. I was glad to oblige!
And this little boy brought his OWN car!
This lady showed me a picture of her and her husband's turquoise, of course, that had to be in the caricature---she was wearing a hat, earrings, sneakers and carrying a purse all in that color!
The musicians put on a good show...these guys started before I did so I got a photo and some video:
And THIS guy! I was drawing away by the time he took the stage:
Wow! He really looked and sounded like Elvis! Found out our client had also booked him through Gigmasters. After I finished up, I took a few more photos of cool cars and then was on my way to a Gig #2--a graduation party.

Thanks for having me Dorman!! :-)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ninja Turtle/Art Party 5th birthday!

When your mommy is an art teacher and you ask for a Ninja Turtle/Art party, it's pretty likely to turn out awesomely! The art part was covered by my caricatures (with Ninja Turtles, of course) and also pinch pots made by the guests:
I'd drawn at Jocelyn's 1st birthday too, so it was really nice to be asked back for her 5th.
She got a beautiful spring day for it. 
Masks added to the fun. 
After it was all over, I drew the birthday girls' parents, who are very dear to me. She knew me back when an art career was just a dream....:-)
Thank you for having me!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A colorful, theme-y 10th birthday party!

I'd drawn this sweet little girl during my stint on the boardwalk in OCNJ a few years when it came time for her 10th birthday, her family checked out my website, printed on the bottom of her caricature, and soon had me drawing for her and her friends in 2015!
Birthday girl is in the middle of the sofa between her friends. Since it was a small group, each girl got a super-deluxe-color-with-body-and-theme caricature. And several of the girls wanted beach backgrounds...which meant I got to draw happy little crabs. :-) 
I also drew a cousin from a photo, who was coming later...
Then it was time for a group caricature ( including a tiny, tiny version of the aforementioned cousin!)
Thank you Gianna and family!!!! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

O's Opener 2015

Camden Yards was a festive place to be on a dreary, early-spring day:
Folks wanted to celebrate their AL-championship team, wear crazy costumes, drink beer, and some even got caricatures. ;-)
Play ball!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Senior caricatures!

And I don't mean high school seniors, I mean life seniors. 
Every year in the springtime, I draw for the residents at my local senior living home. And it's always a fun afternoon for them---and me!!
This year I got to include a very doted-upon poodle:
Thanks again for having me! :-)