Thursday, June 2, 2016

Holiday Party #7 of 2015

A family holiday party in a home with a beautiful tree, and beautiful sisters! Thanks to Gigsalad for this one.
This sister got a caricature with her hubby too:
More family members:
This gig started out with a nasty fright for me: when I went to leave home, I had a flat tire....luckily, the party was only about 12 miles away and I usually leave quite early for my gigs. So I pumped it up with my handy-dandy tire-pumper-upper and hoped it was a slooooooooow leak. It was! The next morning I had my tire fixed----it had a nail in it.
So all's well that ends well... and this in my client's review, fo which I am so appreciative!
Emily came to my annual family Christmas party and she was definitely a hit! She was professional, punctual, and courteous and worked straight through for four hours to make sure everyone who wanted their picture done would have it. As for her amazing skills - I can't even begin to say how impressed we all were at Emily's drawings - we laughed and had a wonderful time with her!

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