Sunday, June 12, 2016

Historic Manor Wedding Caricatures

This couple knew how to throw an elegant yet fun wedding! I'll start with them, even though they were the finale of my evening...
Here is their caricature in the line-drawing stage, then the finished version:
The venue was a beautifully restored stone manor house:
Their wedding color was pale pink. 
I arrived just in time to see them enter the reception:
While the bride and groom and their guests ate in a beautifully appointed dining room, I set up in a fabulous---and I do mean FABULOUS-- foyer:

After I caught my breath in awe of my surroundings, it was time to draw...and I kept busy the whole time. So busy that I didn't get many photos of caricatures at all...these few are IT. 

I did have a good view from my easel of the cake cutting:
It was a pale-pink-hued night to remember. 
After finishing, I spotted a guest who was sharing her stash of Red Bulls---so I asked if she could spare one, since I had a bit of a drive home (most of the guests stayed in the manor house that evening, lucky them!). She was generous enough to do so, so THANK YOU, dear wedding guest. Amanda and Ben, thank YOU for such a memorable fun reception! 

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