Thursday, June 30, 2016

Holiday gig #9 of 2015...

...was for some eye surgeons and their staff. Working eyeballs are necessary equipment for a caricaturist---so I told them I hypothetically appreciated their skills just as they appreciated mine!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Holiday Party #8 of 2015

This party was the holiday gathering of a sisterhood of emergency room nurses, they've been through so much together---how nice to spend a pleasant evening together drinking sangria and being drawn.  I had time to do full-color caricatures with themes for these ladies!
Caricatures with their subjects and this artist.

You can see the hostess's hubby's caricature on the table above, so we remedied that:
As you can see, the dogs got caricatures too! 
The hostess wanted to be drawn with Grandmother, a photo of a mystery woman (with an awesome resting bitch face...i.e. stern expression ;-)  who accompanies her everywhere. THAT was fun to do!!!
Below: the reaction!!!!!
My easel was ensconced in her kitchen nook:
Thanks to Gigmasters for another wonderful client. :-) Here's her review:
We had such a wonderful fun time with Emily! She was just as excited as I was to be my surprise secret guest at "The girls Christmas party" at my home! Emily's creativity, art work, professionalism and sense of humor was outstanding. Each and every one of us ladies loved our caricature prints! Emily is VERY talented. Emily made sure each individual print was detailed, fun and very personalized! A unique take home gift that will always remind us of what a hysterical and fun time we all had that holiday girls party! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Holiday Party #7 of 2015

A family holiday party in a home with a beautiful tree, and beautiful sisters! Thanks to Gigsalad for this one.
This sister got a caricature with her hubby too:
More family members:
This gig started out with a nasty fright for me: when I went to leave home, I had a flat tire....luckily, the party was only about 12 miles away and I usually leave quite early for my gigs. So I pumped it up with my handy-dandy tire-pumper-upper and hoped it was a slooooooooow leak. It was! The next morning I had my tire fixed----it had a nail in it.
So all's well that ends well... and this in my client's review, fo which I am so appreciative!
Emily came to my annual family Christmas party and she was definitely a hit! She was professional, punctual, and courteous and worked straight through for four hours to make sure everyone who wanted their picture done would have it. As for her amazing skills - I can't even begin to say how impressed we all were at Emily's drawings - we laughed and had a wonderful time with her!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Holiday Party #6 of 2015

This company holiday luncheon was at a waterfront restaurant...even my car had a nice view from the parking lot!
There was a power outage while we were there but it didn't stop this artist!
 The gentlemen bosses sat for me, along with some very happy ladies!
Luckily the power outage didn't affect the bartender either, everyone was enthusiastically enjoying alcoholic beverages (it was on a Friday afternoon, as well;)
 A threesome!
A twosome!
And then some!